Founder. Venture Capitalist. Communicator. Art Enthusiast.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, the gap between innovative solutions and societal acceptance is ever widening. Masha, through her pioneering venture capital firm Day One Ventures, seeks to bridge this divide.

Technology and Venture Capital

As the founder of Day One Ventures, Masha has redefined the venture capital model. Day One Ventures is an early-stage VC firm that bridges innovative technology with society through storytelling, art, and culture. Day One Ventures has backed six unicorns early, had 20 exits, IPO. Portfolio companies include DuckDuckGo, Remote, WorldCoin, Superrare, MSCHF and aggregate over $48B in value.

Professional Journey

Prior to establishing Day One Ventures in 2018, Masha’s career was marked by a series of roles that shaped her expertise in investment and communications. Her work as an angel investor and founder of a PR studio saw collaborations with iconic companies like Houzz, HotelTonight, Gett, Toptal, PandaDoc, and more. Her prior experience as Vice President of Communications at Acronis and Head of Communications at Runa Capital laid the groundwork for her future transition to venture capital.

Art and Cultural Integration

Masha’s journey in the art world, deeply influenced by the Bucher 200-year legacy in art and architecture, significantly informs her professional ethos. Her passion for art extends beyond collecting; she believes in the power of art to demystify and humanize technology. This passion is deeply intertwined with her venture capital work, where she harnesses collaborations to work the medium as a bridge between the technology-society gap.


Masha envisions a future where technology and society are seamlessly integrated, fostering mutual understanding and shared values. By backing companies and founders who share this vision and demonstrate an unyielding dedication to their mission, she aims to lay the groundwork for a more connected, abundant, and diverse world.

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